Here you will find a collection of Bodman related references to help your research.

Bodman Family Papers (1687-1980), held in the Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts. The website for the Sophia Smith Collection was developed with financial assistance from the Bodman Foundation and contains links to detailed genealogical tables for the first four generations of the Bodman family in the then Massachusetts Bay Colony.  See the following web sites/pages:

Bodman, Herbert Luther Jr., Ellen-Fairbanks Diggs Bodman, Richard Wainwright Bodman, Robert Edgar Bodman (eds.): A Bodman Chronicle (Evanston, Illinois: Unigraphic Inc., 1979).

Bodman, James: A Concise History of Trowbridge (Bristol: Philip Rose, 1814) 46pp. Available free from Google Books

Bodman, Johann Leopold, Freiherr von und zu: Geschichte der Freiherren von Bodman (Stammtafeln der gräflichen und freiherrlichen Familie von Bodman), 2 volumes (Munich, 1894).  Available as free internet downloads from the University of Freiburg-im-Breisgau:

Bowles, Revd. W.L.: The parochial history of Bremhill in the county of Wiltshire… (London: John Murray, 1828) 285pp.  Available free online from Google Books. Gasser, Albert and Peter Schramm (eds.): Geschichte von Bodman: Kaiserpfalz, Herzogsitz und Standesherrschaft (Radolfzell: Huggle und Meurer, 1969) 54pp.

Marsh, A.E.W.: A History of the Borough and Town of Calne, and some account of the villages in its vicinity (Calne: Robert Heath, 1903). The full text of this book is available as a free internet download from the following web address: http://

Mottley, John Lothrop: History of the United Netherlands from the death of William the Silent… in 4 volumes (1860-67) An eccentric source containing references to the clandestine diplomatic activities and intrigues of a William Bodman at the court of Elizabeth Tudor. See:

Mottley, John Lothrop: The Rise of the Dutch Republic, in 3 volumes (1856). Contains references to a William Bodman at the court of Elizabeth Tudor.