Richard Bodman (1861 – 1919)

Richard Bodman (1861 – 1919) and Charlotte Cole (1864 – )

Richard Bodman, Henry’s younger brother  married Frances Charlotte Cole (born 29th March 1864) at Bordesley, Birmingham on 20th Jan 1887.

In 1891 Richard was a coal merchant and lived at 103 Emily Street, Aston.

Richard and Frances Bodman had the following children:-
Ada Bodman born 3Q 1888 Birmingham
Richard Bodman born 25 Feb 1891 Birmingham died 26 Feb 1891
Frances May Bodman born 3Q 1894 Birmingham
William Henry Bodman born 30 May 1896 Birmingham
Alice Lillian Bodman born 13 Aug 1898 Birmingham

Paul Ronald Bodman (b. 1953) who has helped to contribute much of the material on the Bodmans in Wilshire, is the grandson William Henry Bodman and Olive May Day of this line of the family. Paul’s father Stanley Bodman died 22nd Nov 1974 a victim of the Birmingham pub bombings.

Stanley Bodman served his country in the RAF in WW2.  His dad William Henry had been in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and served throughout the whole of WW1. William was Dollman Street’s Air Raid Warden in WW2. He was the Lollipop Man at a school in the early sixties. He lived e in Dollman St. He had purchased, Watson’s shop, next door to him for his grandson, Graham, Stanley Bodman’s son¦ Once, one of the neighbours children was tidying up old William Bodman’s back garden. He had, Red Hot Pokers, Rhododendrons and all sorts, all over grown. The child found his First World War medals, his personal WW1 penknife and trenching tool, in amongst the undergrowth. He said Stanley used to play with them when he was a young lad. He hadn’t seen them since Stanley was a boy….. At that time they had been in the back garden, where Stan had left them, for over 40 years……

Richard Bodman’s wife Olive, died 21st Nov 1965 and William died 19th Sept 1974. Both lived in Birmingham.