Wiltshire Bodmans

The earliest Bodenham in Wiltshire is 1427 and 1538 for Bodmans at Ramsbury, Wiltshire.

From the start of the 17th century there were well established families at Calne, Keevil, Warminster and Westbury.

In the first marriage register for the parish church of St Mary the Virgin, Calne, there is a marriage of 6 November 1568 between a “Johannes [Johes] Bodman” and Joane Prowte. It is from this couple that many of the English Bodmans descend.

The other area of concentration in Wiltshire is on the parish of Keevil, where the Bodman records also go back to the mid sixteenth century. An interesting genealogical challenge that presents itself is the task of documenting a link between the Bodmans of Calne and the Bodmans of Keevil. It is highly likely that there was such a link, but the task is made awkward due to the religious upheavals of the Tudor period and their effect on the keeping of church records.