John Bodman (1764 – ?)

John Bodman (1764 – ?) and Sarah Britton (? – ?)

John Bodman married Sarah Britton at Chippenham on 17th May 1789.
They had the following known children:-
William Bodman baptised 14 Feb 1790 Chippenham
Sarah Bodman baptised 22 Jul 1801 Calne
In 1805 on the 22nd September, along with his father and brother James, he submitted to a settlement examination. He was the aged 49 but gave his aged as 45 in the settlement examination.

John Bodman – the younger
Settlement Examination
22nd September 1805

John Bodman – the younger – saith that he is the son of John and Mary Bodman – and that he has never done any act since his birth to gain himself a settlement That is he is now about forty five years of age and has a wife named Sarah and two children – namely William aged fourteen and Sarah
four years

The Mark of
John Bodman

The Examination was taken the }
22nd September 1805 and the mark }
made by John Bodman. In the }
presence of }
Nath. Atherton
Jas Broad

Little more is known about this family.