Early Bodmans of Calne pre 17th century

Early Calne Bodmans pre 17th Century

The earliest known Bodman in Calne are John (Johannes) Bodman who married on 6th November 1568 and a Thomas Bodmen alias Rawkins who married Edwithia Tynne, five years later on 10th June 1574. Nothing further is known about Thomas Bodman however most Bodmans of Calne found in the following four centuries are descended for this John Bodman who married Alse in 1568.

John Bodman had the following known children all baptised at Calne:
Thomas Bodman baptised 7th September 1569
Phillip Bodman baptised 24 December 1670
Richardus Bodman baptised 14 March 1572
Sibella Bodman baptised 18 April 1581

It is believed that John Bodman died prior to 1597 as an Alse Bodman, a widow was buried at Calne on 15th July 1597.

The Descendants of John Bodman and Joana Prowte

Philip Bodman (1570 – 1646) and Alse Clynthorne
Philip Bodman married Alse Clynthorne on 11th October 1602. They had the following known children:
Humphrye Bodman baptised 21 Jan 1609/10 click here
Phillippe Bodman baptised 12 Feb 1611/2
Richard Bodman baptised 21st July 1616
John Bodman baptised 19th June 1619

Phillip Bodman was buried as Phillip senior on 3rd January 1646 at Calne.