Edward Bodman (1647 – 1724)

Edward Bodman (1647 – 1724) and Suzanah

Edward was born in 1647 and his first known child was in 1705, some 48 years later. He was a labourer. Nothing is known about these missing years apart from being mentioned in his father’s Will in 1697 where he was left a house in Calne, occupied by Richard Tichcomb.
It is not known when Edward married his wife Suzanah or whether she was mother of some or all of his children as at the baptism in the Calne register they were described as just ‘son of Edward’.

Edward had the following children, only the one child, John survived more than a few months. They were all baptised at Calne:-

Edward Bodman       baptised 21 February 1704/5, buried 3rd July.
Humphrey Bodman baptised 9 Sept 1706, buried 17th September.
John Bodman            baptised 29 Jan 1707/8   click here
Thomas Bodman      baptised 16 Jan 1711/2 buried 22nd October.

Edward Bodman died in January 1724/5 and was buried on 13th January.

He left a Will and an Inventory was taken.

Will of Edward Bodman of Calne
Dated 17 Aug 17(?)3
Proved 18th June 1725

Aug ye 17 17?3 I make my last Will and Testament and do wholly resine to his
I ??? till my son comes to thirty years of age and then to enjoy ye land and Hor? My goods and chattels my wife and my son shall have both a ??? after ye teesmer of years. Last Will and testimony mont and no other will I do ?? ?? to make this my will satisfied in what I have made
Edward Bodman
witness our hands }
William Larns
John James

Inventory dated 17th June 1725, value £29 7s 6d
A true and perfect inventory of all & singular the goods and chattles rights and credits of Edward Bodman late of Calne in county of Wilts laber valued and appraised the seventeenth day of June in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred & twenty five by John Frayling and Rich’d Allison as follows:-

In ye Bondhouse? One furnace & old lumber etc                         0 : 15 : 0
Four pewter dishes & six pewter plates & lumber                        0 : 10 : 0
One bed in ye lower room & two in ye chamber for lodgers at   1 : 0 : 0
One brass pott & warming pan at                                                     0 : 7 : 6
four chairs, fire pan & tongs & one small grate all at                   0 : 5 : 0
one leasehold house at                                                                      25 : 0 : 0
wearing & apparel at                                                                            1 : 0 : 0
                                                                                                      total 29 : 7 : 6

John Frailing
Richard Allison

His wife Suzanah married Thomas Lambourne sometime after Edward’s death, but again, the marriage has not been found.