John Bodman (1735 – 1783)

John Bodman (1735 – 1783) & Jane Woodward (1739 – 1793)

John Bodman was born about 1735 and like his older brother Edward was a shoemaker. He married Jane Woodward of Cherhill, daughter of John on 10th October 1768 at Cherhill.

John and Jane had the following known children all baptised at Calne:
Joseph Bodman born 22 September 1769 and baptised 6 May 1770
John Bodman born 28th October and baptised 10th November 1771
Elizabeth Bodman born 1st January and baptised 16 January 1774 and buried 12 Dec 1790
Edward Bodman baptised 19 January 1777 and buried 15 May 1793
Mary Bodman buried 31st Mar 1778
William Bodman born 30th June baptised 18th July 1780
Betty Bodman buried 20 November 1783

John Bodman died in 1783 and was buried at Calne on 8th December. He was described as a shoemaker receiving alms.
Alms House at Calne
His wife Jane lived another ten years and died in 1793. She was buried at Calne on 12th January. She had been living at the Calne Alms house.