James Bodman (1785 – 1854)

James Bodman (1785 – 1854) & Harriet Cook (1803 – 1881)

James Bodman was born on 3rd March 1785 at Calne. He his probably the James who was apprenticed to John Mead at Calne as a collarmaker in 1806, just before the death of his father.

When James was 38, he married Harriet Cook then aged 20 of Chute on 16th October 1823 Calne.

James and Harriet had the following children all baptised at Calne:

James William Bodman born 22nd January, baptised 4th February 1825
Jasper Bodman born 22 January, baptised 16th September 1825
George Bodman born 1829, baptised 12th September 1828
Joseph Bodman born 1831, baptised 15th April 1831
Henry Bodman born 1837

At the time of the 1841 census, then aged 55 he was living at Wood Street, Calne and was a saddler.

By the time of the 1851 census he had fallen on harsh times and was described as a pauper. Then aged 66 he was still working as a saddler.

James died in 1854 and was buried on 20th June then aged 68. His wife Harriet, died in 1881 and was buried on 22nd January, then aged 78.