John Bodman (1682 – ?)

John Bodman (1682 – ?) & Mary Button (1688 – ?)

John Bodman was born about 1682 he was baptised on 26th May 1682 son of Henry.

He married Mary Button on 9th August 1713 at Calne.

Although Mary’s name is not given in the baptism records, John and Mary had the following known children born at Calne:

Mary Bodman baptised 16 December 1714 and buried 30 May 1723 “at ye turnpike”
Henry Bodman baptised 10th September and buried 25th November 1716
Priscilla Bodman baptised 3rd February 1717
Betty Bodman baptised 17th January 1719

This John or another also had the following children born at Chippenham:
Sarah Bodman baptised 11th April 1724
Ann Bodman baptised 11 February 1725
Richard Bodman baptised 6 Mar 1727