Thomas Bodman (1678 – 1713)

Thomas Bodman (1678 – 1713) and ?Anna Lease (? – 1731)

Thomas was born about 1678.

In 1697, Thomas was mentioned in his grandfather’s will.

In 1702 he was party to an indenture for £30 for property lying at the Green, Calne which also included grazing rights for one cow beast on the common land at Marsh and Alders.
Thomas is known to have had the following children all baptised at Calne. Although, Thomas’s name is given as the parent, the mother’s name is not. No marriage has been found in the Calne parish registers but Anna Lease married 1700 is given by some Bodman genealogists but this remains unsourced at the moment. He had the following known children:

Joseph Bodman baptised 7 Jun 1703 buried 23 Jun e 1711
Thomas Bodman born about 1704
Benjamin Bodman baptised 20 June 1705   click here
Rachel Bodman baptised 16th Jan 1707/8 and buried 16 April 1713
Mary Bodman baptised 2nd Sept 1709 and buried 21 December 1712
Christian Bodman baptised 12 Jul 1711
Joseph Bodman baptised 10 April 1713 click here

In 1710 he was witness to his mother’s signature on his father’s probate.

Thomas Bodman was buried on 30th October 1713 at Calne.

An Anna Bodman, a widow was buried on the 25th January 1731. Possibly, Thomas’s wife.