Benjamin Bodman (1745 – 1830)

Benjamin Bodman (1745 – 1830) and Dorothy Baker (1769? – ?)

Benjamin Bodman was a butcher, he married Dorothy Baker of Mildenhall?, Wiltshire on the 28th June 1805 at Thames Ditton, Surrey.

Benjamin and Dorothy had the following known children all baptised or buried at Calne:

Edward Benjamin Bodman born 4 July 1805 baptised 14 Apr 1810
Mary Bodman buried 13 September 1808
Joseph Baker Bodman born 14 December 1809 and baptised 14 April 1810.

In 1802 when his father Joseph died he inherited a house in Church Street, Calne.

In 1803, 1810, 1817 and 1823 he was a guild steward at Calne.

IN 1824 he lived at Cousin Street, Church Street, Calne.

Benjamin died in November 1830 and was buried at Calne on 25th.

We do not know when his wife Dorothy died but in 1851, when aged 82 she was living with her son Joseph Baker Bodman who was an apothecary and general practitioner at Castor, Northamptonshire. Joseph had qualified in 1834 and taken over the apothecary practice from a Mr. Baker. Was this Mr Baker a relative of his mother who had the same maiden name?