John Bodman (1742 – ?)

John Bodman (1742 – ?) and Ann Bull (? – ?)

John Bodman was born about 1742 and married Ann Bull at Melksham on the 14th May 1767.

John and Ann had the following known children:

Thomas Bodman baptised 15th June 1768 at Melksham
Joseph Bodman born about 1771
John Bodman born about 1774
William Bodman baptised 14 September 1774 at Melksham
Catherine Bodman baptised 8 January 1777 at Melksham
Elizabeth Bodman baptised 29 December 1778 at Melksham
Robert Bodman born about 1782
Benjamin Bodman baptised 27 March 1782
William Bodman baptised 27 Mar 1782
Ann Bodman baptised 28 January 1784 Melksham
Benjamin Bodman born Burnell, baptised 3 July 1785 Melksham

It is likely that he is the John Bodman who In 1797 he was the overseer of the poor at Melksham.

He is also likely to be the John who occupied 3 acres of pasture at Gold Croft, Whitley farm some two mils from Melksham

It is possible that he is the John Bodman buried on 5th October 1799 at Calne.