John Bodman (1728 – 1808)

John Bodman (1728 – 1808) and Sarah Savin (1725? – 1756)

John Bodman was born about 1726, he was a labourer. He married Sarah Savin of Brehill at Calne on the 26th December 1747.

There is some confusion with their children. At this time only the father’s name was given in the baptism registers and there was another John Bodman living at Calne (click here). In the registers of these children christened, the recorder of the baptisms has been careful to separate the two indicating for the one John as either child of John Bodman of child of John for the John living in Calne or child of John of Studley. We have assumed in the tree here that all the John of Studley’s children are correctly recorded and that the remainder of the John of Calne. Of course there is always the possibility of another John! Hopefully, as more information becomes available including Y DNA of these Bodman descendants, this tree will be strengthened.

John Bodman of Studley had the following known children:

William Bodman baptised 4th July 1748 buried 11 September 1748
Mary Bodman baptised 29th June 1749 buried 12th October 1750
William Bodman baptised 22nd July 1750
Sarah Bodman baptised 6th August 1751 (same day as John), buried 12th October 1752
John Bodman baptised 6 August 1751 (same day as Sarah), buried 31 March 1752
Richard Bodman baptised 17 Sep 1752 (same day as John), buried 20th October 1752
John Bodman baptised 17 Sep 1752 (same day as Richard), buried 8th October 1752
John Bodman baptised 9th May 1754 (baptised son of John) click here

It is possible that there were two lots of twin births, but more likely, the family became ill and the unbaptised children were christened to save their souls.

The allocation of the last John baptised in 1754 should be treated as uncertain as there is no mention of Studley. It is unlikely to be the John of Calne who we mentioned above but we know he had a John Bodman who was mentioned in his brother Edward’s will in 1783.

John’s wife, Sarah Bodman died in 1756 and was buried on the 31st March.

John remarried Christian(a) William on 7th April 1756 at Calne. There are no known children.

Christiana was buried 11th July 1794 as wife of John of Studley.

John Bodman may be the John Bodman of Studley buried on 5th July 1808.

The Descendants of John Bodman and Sarah Savin

William Bodman (1750 – 1835) and Sarah
It would appear that only William of John and Sarah’s children survived infancy.
It is not known when William married. However, he and Sarah had the following know children:

Betsy Bodman buried 4 February 1779
Sarah Bodman baptised 17 September 1780

William died in 1838 aged 85 and was buried at Calne “of Studley”.