John Bodman (1754 -? )

John Bodman (1754- ?) & Sarah Knight (1755 – 1798)

John Bodman married Sarah Knight of Bowood on 21st June 1777. He is probably the John Bodman baptised on the 9th May 1754 son of John. It is unclear which John this is at present. There is a strong probability that he is the son of John Bodman and Sarah Savin in the absence of a better candidate (click here for details), but all the other children of John and Sarah Savin were baptised “child of John of Studley”.

John and Sarah Knight had the following children. Both parents names were given.

Ann Bodman baptised 12 February 1779 at Calne
William Bodman born 13th March and baptised 24th June 1781 at Calne
Mary Bodman born 16th Jan and baptised 8 February 1784
John Bodman baptised 3rd September 1766 at Bremhill
Anna Bodman baptised 7th July and buried 30 November at Bremhill
James Bodman baptised 7th July 1788 and buried 20th November 1789 at Bremhill
Henry Bodman baptised 18th September 1791 at Bremhill

In 1788 and 1789, John and Sarah were described as “poor” in the Bremhill registers.