Bodmans of Keevil

1896 Map of Keevil

1896 Map of Keevil

In the parish of Keevil, the Bodman records go back to the mid sixteenth century. Most of the Keevil Bodmans had humble occupations and most worked on the land. There were Bodmans in Keevil to at least the late 20th century.

Keevil Church Wiltshire

An interesting genealogical challenge that presents itself is the task of documenting
a link between the Bodmans of Calne and the Bodmans of Keevil. It is highly likely
that there was such a link, but the task is made awkward due to the religious upheavals of the Tudor period and their effect on the keeping of church records.

Our story at Keevil starts with Thomas Bodman baptised in the parish church on 17th August 1561.


Details of Thomas’s descendants for the next six generations is shown in the attached link to Wikitree. For more information you can click on a link to a particular individual to go to Wikitree to find full information.

We later pick up the story with:-
James Bodman born 1705
George Bodman born 1716