Charles Bodman (1773 – 1829)

Charles Bodman (1773 – 1829) and Martha Sainsbury ( ?- 1804)

Charles married Martha Sainsbury at Keevil on 28th November 1797. He was a bachelor and she a spinster and both from Keevil.  Bejamen (sic) Bodman, Charles older brother was a witness. Charles and Martha had the following children all born at Keevil:-

Susanna Bodman baptised 21 Oct 1798   click here
William Bodman baptised 18th Oct 1789 (or 1801)
Isaac Bodman baptised 8 April 1804 and buried later that year.
Martha died aged 38 possibly of child birth and was buried at Keevil on 27 Aug 1804.

Charles subsequently married Elizabeth Shepherd on 25 September 1809 at Keevil. She was a spinster and also from Keevil. Charles and Elizabeth had the following children all baptised at Keevil:-

Job Bodman baptised 21 October 1810
George Shepherd Bodman baptised 17 Jul 1814

Elizabeth died aged 36 and was buried in Keevil church yard on 29 June 1819. Charles died ten years later in 1829 aged 55 and was also buried in Keevil churchyard on the 26th Jan.