William Bodman (1696 – 1741)

William Bodman (1696 – 1741) and Elizabeth Webb ( ? – 1734)

William Bodman was born about 1696, he was the second son of Timothy Bodman, like his father, he was a mercer.. He married Elizabeth Webb on 20th July 1725 at Warminster. William and Mary had the following known children all baptised at Warminster:
William Bodman baptised 27 December 1726
Thomas Bodman baptised 11 November 1728 and buried 13th May 1729
Elizabeth Bodman baptised 15 September 1730
Mary Bodman baptised 1st August 1732

In 1737 he took out a lease on lands at West Leigh, Hatesbury.

Elizabeth died in 1734 and was buried at Warminster on the 2nd August.

William died in 1741 and was buried at Warminster on 31st August. He left a Will leaving half to his son William and the other half to his two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary.

Will of William Bodman
dated 28th Aug 1741
proved 19th Nov 1741

Aug 28: 1741
I make this my Last Will & Testament that I give unto my son Wm. Bodman half my effects and the other half to my daughter Elizabeth and Mary Bodman and the Estate at Hatchbury between my son Wm. And daughter Elizabeth when it come into hand witting my hand I make my brother Tim Bodman & bro. Jn. Executors of this my last Will
Wm. Bodman sealed
sealed in the presence of
Alan Seagram
the mark of Edward Warren
Memorandum that the two maids do have a crepe gown each.
Memorandum that Wm. Liegh house is finished against
Michelmas for Thos. Alsworth for he to go in at 4 – 10 per year
At Warminster on th 19th uf Novbr 1741
the executors above n(ame)d were duly sworn before
Jas Ligerwood