William Bodman (1781-?)

William Bodman (1781-?) and Sarah Watts (? – prior 1851)

William Bodman was born about 1781. He married Sarah Watts on 17th August 1813 at Westbury parish church. William and Sarah had the following known children all baptised at Westbury:

Thomas Bodman baptised 21st August 1814
William Bodman baptised 30th June 1816
Esther Bodman baptised 22nd Mar 1816 and buried 17th February 1835 aged 17
Robert Bodman baptised 2nd April 1820 and buried 6 May 1821
Sarah Bodman baptised 25th May 1821
Sarah Bodman baptised 26th March 1826
Robert Bodman baptised 26 mar 1826
Henry Bodman baptised 24th August 1828
Charlotte Bodman born about 1821

We know that Mary Bodman, Williams wife died prior to 1851. At the time of the 1851 census William was a labourer living at Chalford.